A Single Step

Hello, person! If you’re reading this, you’re on the ground floor of Cheese and Pixels, the little corner of the internet I plan on using to quietly hone my craft. And this elevator ONLY GOES UP oh my god this is already terrible

Anyway, my aim is to talk mostly about… well, mostly about video games and music, is what I would guess at the outset, since those are generally the things that light up my brain and make me responsive in a longform kind of way. That’s where the title comes from—the cheese part, from the String Cheese Incident (my favorite band—probably going to be a looooooot of jam band talk on here, not gonna lie), and of course pixels → video games. In a more general sense, just whatever’s on my mind, unless it’s political, I prefer to keep that to myself.

As for why now: I got psyched up after a poetry/novel reading I attended with my wife for one of her college classes, and I remembered, “Oh yeah, I like writing and I like to think I’m pretty okay at it, and those guys reminded me how awesome it can be when it’s really good.” I’ve actually had this page for a while, though I’ll give a dollar to anyone who remembers anything that used to be posted here before this[1], but now I feel the time is right and I’m diving in.

I can tell I haven’t exercised these muscles in a while because this took like two hours to write and I’m exhausted now. So I’m going to wrap it up with my one exhortation: if you don’t read what I write, and/or you don’t like or care about what you read, then at least think of someone you think might and tell them about it. Bookmark it, spread the word, talk me up to your friends and family and coworkers and connections with venture capital. I promise to at least try to entertain you and put some insight out there that someone might consider worth reading.


[1] Not really.

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