Mad Max: Fury Road Is the Anti-Waterworld


  • Both films take place after an apocalypse event.
  • Each film’s (nominal) main character is a male lone-wolf figure (Kevin Costner; Tom Hardy).
  • The lone-wolf man tries to remain uninvolved and unaffiliated, but is dragged into the situation.
  • He ends up traveling with a female companion (Jeanne Tripplehorn; Charlize Theron).
  • The female companion is in search of a utopia (Dryland; the Green Place).
  • She is responsible for the life of another (Tripplehorn) or many others (Theron).
  • Despite his misgivings, the lone wolf helps the woman and her ragtag charge(s) outrun a deranged warlord (Deacon; Immortan Joe) and his lackeys who drive smoke-pouring vehicles and attack with all manner of fiery and/or explosive projectiles.

Obviously they’re not exactly the same, but the basic idea (ahem) holds water.

Turns out all you need to do to make Waterworld a successful film is remove almost all the water.

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