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All Pokémon Graded, Part 13: Nos. 121 to 130 (Starmie to Gyarados)

Welcome back to All Pokémon Graded, the highly unscientific serial listicle for the discerning time-waster with impeccable taste. In this installment, an inordinate amount of non-evolvers, many of them problematic. 121. Starmie Type: Water / Psychic Best Name: Akusta (Korean) … Continue reading

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All Pokémon Graded, Part 12: Nos. 111 to 120 (Rhyhorn to Staryu)

After a seven-month hiatus, welcome back to All Pokémon Graded, the feature that seeks to empirically quantify the goodness (or badness) of your favorite Pokémon. Inspired by the massive success of Pokémon GO, I’ve decided to strike while the iron is … Continue reading

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RIP Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman, star of stage and screen, has died, like a certain other British icon this week, of cancer at age 69. I don’t really have anything to say about Bowie because regrettably I never got into his music, and … Continue reading

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Crappy Food Critic Funeral: Johnny Carino’s Sicilian Fire Sticks

With apologies to Shakespeare: I come to bury crappy food, not praise it. Last night, the fam and I had dinner at Johnny Carino’s. As is often our wont, we decided to get an appetizer. I’m not sure when they … Continue reading

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Ranked

King’s latest collection of short fiction, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, came out back in November, and I’ve finally pecked my way through the whole thing. The book contains twenty pieces, comprising mostly previously published work, a few brand new … Continue reading

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The Tick, S1E2: “The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale”

(If you like, you can follow along by watching the episode below.) The beauty of animation is that it can bring to life things that it would be impossible, or at least difficult, for reality or practical effects to explore. … Continue reading

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Undertale Mops the Floor with Its Competition, Wins GameFAQs’s “Best Game Ever” Contest, and Generates Record Quantities of Sodium Chloride

You may or may not have heard of Undertale, an RPG created by a gentleman named Toby Fox in humble little GameMaker. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it conquered GameFAQs’s “Best. Game. Ever” contest, and in the process produced … Continue reading

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