Beadsprites for Sale


In addition to all the ones found below, I take requests as well—if there’s anything you don’t see on the list that you’d like me to make, get in touch with me and we’ll work something out…


 Bunny Mario (10)

 Morbidly obese Sonic (20)

 Rabite (5)


 Mega Man extra life (5)

 Commander Keen (10)

 Crash Man (10)

 Centaur Man (10)

 Wendy O. Koopa (8)


 Demo (5)

 Emolga (20)

 Tenth Doctor (10)

 Birdo (10)

 Bright Man (10)

 Bomberman (5)

 Mystic Book (Secret of Mana) (10)

 Metall K1000 (10)

 Maxim Tomato (5)


 Cello Samus (10)

il_570xn-952139248_tj12 Samus (best ending, Metroid II) (15)

il_570xn-952489654_lqzq Stiletto Goomba (5)

il_570xn-953414260_j6up Roll (5)

13607036_10104674499871820_9120457572103166083_n “Say Anything” Link (8)

13631488_10104681495791940_4817047104793634364_n Split Mushroom (20)

Bowyer (20)
Robot Pikachu (5)

15267718_10105188373320310_1355916011292045796_n Suezo (20)

15826637_10105315694033580_7076205719678996530_n Mega Man anatomy (120)

poison Poison (Final Fight) (60)

sakura Sakura Kasegano (Street Fighter Alpha, et al.) (40)

daira Daira (Zelda II) (5)

gnw Mr. Game & Watch (10)

Various mushrooms (5 each)



One Response to Beadsprites for Sale

  1. Sam says:

    Which ones are your favorites? I’ll buy those and then give them to you for Christmas.


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